Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Dress!

I made Julie turkey dress for Thanksgiving. I used a couple pinafores she already had and layed them down on the fabric to make a pattern.

I drew about a 1/2 in bigger for seam allowance and made sure to flip the dress over to copy front and back pieces correctly.  I used the light brown with leaves and acorns to line the dress.

Now before I sewed the pieces together to make the dress I made 24 of the turkey "feathers" using 2 different fabrics. I cut out a "U" shape

Sewed them right sides together leaving the top open. Turned them right side out and pressed.

I laid the first row of 6 down, pinned and sewed close to the top of the feathers all the way across.
I layered the second row of feathers on top of the first making sure to cover where I had sewn in the previous row.

I continued layering and sewing until the fourth row I folded over the top of the feathers. pressed them like that and then sewed them on to be sure no unfinished edged were showing.

Added some ric rack for fun

That was the hard part. I finished the dress just like any other pinafore pattern. I made my own bias tape to finish the bottom. I like to make my own because its cheaper and I will know it matches right that way.

I did button holes and buttons and added "gobble gobble." to the front with freezer paper and paint. I love freezer paper! if you have never done this there is a great tutorial here.

I hope you like it! it was fun to make!


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  1. Very cute! I think I may make one of these for my littlest for next year, great idea! Thanks for posting it.