Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last weekend we went to Dussel pumpkin farm.

First thing we did was go for the corn maze.

Julie had no idea what was going on, she is quickly turning into a little prissy girl that doen't like to get dirty and you can tell in that picture she was very skeptical of what we were about to do.
There she is with her daddy before we got muddy.
It was a beautiful Fall day for pictures.
About halfway through the maze it turned into a complete swamp, Tony and I took turns carrying Julie through it because she was constantly stopping to point and whine about the mud on her shoes.

Just when I thought we would never get out, we did.

We played around.

Julie hunted for the best pumpkin.

Found it!

We carved it when we got home and I thought Julie was going to cry, she thought we were hurting her new friend. We (Tony) turned it into a cat Jack o' lantern.

Well that wraps up this years pumpkin extravaganza. Now its time for some costume making. Have a great weekend everyone!

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