Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Covert Robin- Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak of what I sent out for The Covert Robin.

the covert robin button

I can't wait to hear back from the blogger who recieves my gift! Then I will reveal what I sent.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Little Lunch Tote

This was a project I started because I needed something to carry my lunch in for work. I don't like any of the lunch bags/boxes I see in the stores so I made my own. I have had this paint splatter fabric for about 6 months, only a fat quarter and this was the perfect opportunity for me to use it up.

The lining pieces match the size of the outer pieces. I have a main fabric and a coordinating fabric for the band at the top but the lining fabric is just white scraps from other projects.

I added some ric rac.
You have to pin in in between layers so half is poking out.

So when you open it up you just see little scallops. Do that with both main pieces.

Then pin right sides together and sew around each side and the bottom.

And that's the outside of the bag. You repeat the same steps for the inside minus the ric rac.

 In order to give the bag a flat bottom you measure and draw a line like in the picture

 And then sew on the line, do this on both sides of the bottom of the bag and with the lining.
Then when you turn the bag right side out it will have a shape like this.

For straps I just make them the same way you would make your own bias tape only I make it way wider.

 Sew down each side
 To assemble the bag you start with the bag lining inside out, the outer part of the bag goes inside of the lining.

 The handle should look like this before you stick it in the bag.

 Straps go in between the lining and the outside part of the bag. One on each side. Pin them good. sew around the top leaving a couple inches so you can turn the bag right side out again.

 Once the bag is right side out top stitch all around the top, be sure to close the 2 inches you left open.

A Law Student's Journey

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is coming!!

Sugar Bee Crafts is doing a photo contest and this is my entry. It has to be a photo that somehow represents Spring.

                                             This is a picture of a pear tree just blooming.

If you want to enter the Spring photo contest go here. Also, the sponsor of the giveaway is Beko Fridge Freezers
so please check out that site too!

Monday, March 5, 2012

See this mess of yarn?

That is a bra, a kids t-shirt, a pair of pj pants, an old towel, and a cat tail from a Halloween costume.

You is what happened. Over a year ago I started crocheting an afghan and I really don't have the patience for projects that take me more than a day or two so it sat in a bag in my closet for months. I recently decided to take it out and finish it, but then it sat on my end table for days. That resulted in my daughter getting sticky stuff all over it so I had to wash it. I just threw it in with everything else, didnt weave in ends and this is what happened.

An entire row unraveled wrapping itself in these things.

Ok thats all... just had to share that mess with you.