Monday, June 18, 2012

A little pin cushion

I recently participated in a pin cushion swap. It was so fun! While searching the internet for inspiration and pin cushion patterns I found this. The pattern was great, I had some difficulty with the hexagons because I have never tried anything like it. So they are a little wonky but in the end I love how this little guy turned out!

 A little needle holder under his belly and a little pocket (not pictured) under his shell.

One of the rules of the swap was you had to use stash of fabric you already had and I have way too much fabric for our tiny little home so I am all for stash busting. 

I am so greatful for the hosts of the swap House of Pinheiro and Sew Far Sew Good

Wanna see what all the other swaps made? check them out here and here. There is some super cool stuff there.

Well have a great week everyone!



  1. That is just the cutest! good job!!

  2. I just loved your turtle.. the attention to detail is fantastic

  3. Thank you so much Brandi for your lovely turtle pincushion, (we've named her Shelley) - I adore her :) You have put so much love and attention into making her which shows in every tiny detail on the shell and body. She even has a little pocket under the top of her shell in which I keep my tape measure and stitch-picker! She sits next to my sewing machine and has a view of the back garden from the window. I couldn't have asked for a nicer pincushion swap partner - thank you!

  4. ooooh, I love that! thanks for the link! BTW, your fabric is on the way!!!