Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pleated T-shirt Dress

I adore this fabric. Like, I actually paid full regular price for it and thats something I'm not sure I have ever done before. It was just too perfect for my little girl.

I have seen a million t-shirt dresses all over the Internet and they are pretty obvious on how to make so I'm just going to quickly share how I made this.

I bought a plain t-shirt. Walmart $3. Gotta love the Garanimals brand. I cut a yard of fabric in half lengthwise, hemmed top and bottom, sew right sides together and hand pleated and pinned until it matched the size of the shirt.

I didn't love the way it looked just like that, I wanted to cover the stitches I used to attach the fabric to the shirt so I added the pleated ribbon store bought stuff that has been sitting around way too long. I think I'll use the extra of that and make a matching headband.

Well that's my version of a t-shirt dress. I wanted to share pictures of Julie actually wearing the dress but she seriously wouldn't stop jumping around long enough for me to snap a non blurry one.

Have a good day!

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