Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Dress!

I made Julie turkey dress for Thanksgiving. I used a couple pinafores she already had and layed them down on the fabric to make a pattern.

I drew about a 1/2 in bigger for seam allowance and made sure to flip the dress over to copy front and back pieces correctly.  I used the light brown with leaves and acorns to line the dress.

Now before I sewed the pieces together to make the dress I made 24 of the turkey "feathers" using 2 different fabrics. I cut out a "U" shape

Sewed them right sides together leaving the top open. Turned them right side out and pressed.

I laid the first row of 6 down, pinned and sewed close to the top of the feathers all the way across.
I layered the second row of feathers on top of the first making sure to cover where I had sewn in the previous row.

I continued layering and sewing until the fourth row I folded over the top of the feathers. pressed them like that and then sewed them on to be sure no unfinished edged were showing.

Added some ric rack for fun

That was the hard part. I finished the dress just like any other pinafore pattern. I made my own bias tape to finish the bottom. I like to make my own because its cheaper and I will know it matches right that way.

I did button holes and buttons and added "gobble gobble." to the front with freezer paper and paint. I love freezer paper! if you have never done this there is a great tutorial here.

I hope you like it! it was fun to make!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Sweet Scallops Tote

I recently participated in a sew along with Kate from see kate sew. She provided the pattern and very well written tutorial. There are some really cute versions of this bag over at the linky party here.
I had a good amount of time to think about what fabrics to choose and I got some inspiration in my house.

That's our pet fish Fred. and here is my Fred the Fish Sweet Scallops Tote bag

Here is a picture of mine and Meighen's

While we are on the topic of Kate ( I swear I'm not obsessed with her just her blog) she makes super cute headbands and sells them in her etsy shop. I had told Meighen that if the one I wanted was still in the shop when I got paid I was going to buy it because I had been admiring it for a long time. Then of course the next day someone bought it and I was sad but oh well....until I was surprised to find out that it was my dear BFF that purchased it for me!

Its a blurry photo but you can still see the cuteness!

I hope you like my version of the Scallops Tote, it was so much fun to make and I love how it came out. Go check out the other bags here

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Alice Clutch

This is a tutorial of a little clutch with pintucks.


1 fat quarter of main fabric
1 fat quarter of lining fabric (I used muslin)
1 snap (or fastener of your choice)
1 button (optional)

These are the fabrics I'm using.

Start by cutting 1 piece of your main fabric 15in x 9in. This is going to be the piece you sew your pintucks into.

About 1 inch from the right, fold your fabric and pin

Sew as close to that edge as you can, If you need to you can change your needle position to the right so that you can get closer.

Fold and pin again about a 1/2 in from your first pintuck.

Repeat until you have a total of 7 pintucks on that side.

Now start at the other end of your fabric just like you did on this side, fold 1 inch away and sew 7 pintucks.
You should have an empty space in the middle.

Now you need to press the pintucks outward. the two sides of pintucks will be pressed opposite directions.

Now to find out what measurements to cut the rest of your fabric you need to lay the pintuck fabric on top of another piece of main fabric, cut it to match the size of the pintucked fabric. Do the same with your lining fabric so you should have 2 lining fabric pieces and 2 main fabric pieces.

Its time to sew on your snap

If you want to add a tag now would be the time to do it.

Pin fabrics right sides together, the lining pieces with each other and seperate;y the main fabric pieces together.

The bottom edges of this bag are rounded off, in order to make sure I did this evenly I measured 1 inch from each corner like in the picture below, and marked it and thats where I turned when sewing.

sew along the sides and bottom with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave 2 inches unsewn at the bottom of the lining fabric pieces. Trim the edges.

Turn main fabric piece right side out and put it inside of the lining piece like this:

Pin and sew around the top with 1/4 inch seam. Turn everything right side out using the 2 inch hole in the lining and topstitch around the opening of the bag. You should have this:

Sew up the two inches on the lining and add a button if you wish.

This is my first really detailed tutorial so if you see things that are wrong or have questions please let me know. If you love this bag as much as I do you can buy it here. There are lots of other cute things in the shop as well. 

Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Turquoise Tuesday Ten

Lately I have been drawn to the color turquoise. I have always been a pink loving girl but something about that shade of blue really inspires me. I want to paint everything I own turquoise. So today I am sharing my 10 favorite turquoise pins from pinterest.

1. cupcake

2. furniture

3. tights

4. typewriter

5. tea kettle

6. piano

7. shoes

8. door

9. fireplace screen

10. vintage dress

All ten of these things I'd love to have :)

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