Monday, July 18, 2011

Wide Elastic Dress

So me and my friend Meighen had been eyeballing these dresses in stores all summer but theres no way we are paying $30 for a dress that was practically free if we make them. well, as it turns out if you have a larger chest this dress makes them look like mountains, as you can see here on Meighen's blog it wasnt very flattering, lucky for me that meant I got 2 dresses, one i made and one she made :p this happens a lot. So anyway, to make this I just cut fabric double the width of my waist and attached to elastic, then cut off the bottom of a men's tank and attached that. not too hard as long as you can work with that thick elastic. So i made this one:

                                                   and this is the one she made. if you go to her blog you can see what it looked like on her.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I went Targeting!

  Its back to school time in Target and I really love the cute little notebooks and pens and supplies that come out this time of year. I took some pics of my favorite stuff.  And this is what I LOVE!:

                                                        Little notebook
                                                 Lunch Boxes!!


And this is what I actually bought:

Cupcake Container 

Cat Bow Ties

                                  Yes I made bow ties for our cats, just because they are male cats doesn't mean I cant dress them up cute :) its so simple. I made each of these in about 30 minutes! 

                                            MR. SOCKS
They didnt stay on long because they were irritated with me (especially the fat one) but now anytime they need to look a little fancier they have a tie ;)