Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tutorial: Appliqued, Upcycled Wallet.

This is a gift for my brother. How likely is it he will see this before Christmas? I doubt he reads his little sis's blog about crafts so I think I am safe to post this now.

I used some thrifted pants for the main fabric and a small scrap of plaid for the lining.

2 pieces of main color to measure 3 1/4 inches by 9 1/4 inches
2 pieces of lining fabric to measure 3 1/4 inches by 9 1/4 inches
1 piece of main fabric to measure 2 1/2 inches by 9 1/4 inches
small scraps for applique

I started by drawing the image of my mushroom appliqué on the wrong side of the fabric and then cut it out

I then sewed the mushroom onto one of the main fabric pieces, heat and bond probably would have helped at this step.

Next I sewed a small hem on one long edge of the smallest main piece of fabric

Then pin it to the last piece of main fabric

Sew a straight line up the middle, this will make 2 inside pockets for credit cards or a driver's license.

Now pin main pieces right sides together

You are going to sew along both sides and bottom but leave the top part open. After you have done this, turn it right side out and double check you haven't missed any spots, its an easy fix if you catch it now but a pain to fix later.

Sew the lining pieces the same way but leave a small space ( about 1 in )  un-sewn

Turn the lining right side out and place it inside the main fabric pieces so right sides will be facing each other

Pin and sew all the way around the top

Now for the exciting part! turn everything right side out through the hole you left unsewn in the lining.

Now fold in the hole of the lining and sew it shut. Shove the lining down into the main fabric and you are done! If you wish you can top stitch around the edge but I just starched and ironed it.

I hope you like it and I hope my brother likes it too! This was very fun to create.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. So cute! Thanks for linking up to Craft and Tell!

  2. This is so cute!! I love the mushroom and the fabric!!

  3. LUV it! I have been trying to get my daughter to get a wallet but she hasn't found anything she likes! But this way you can design your own! Thanks for sharing!