Sunday, October 30, 2011

Animal house

This year for Halloween I made our costumes and we all went as animals.

Julie was a cat. A grey cat specifically because we have two grey cats at home.

I went as a fox.

And Tony as Finn The Human from the cartoon Adventure Time!

I made my fox hood using the tutorial from Whitney Sews. She has a great video blog if you haven't seen go check it out!

The ears for my fox I made myself, here's the pattern I made
For the black and white parts of the ears I'm just top stitching them on. Sew the black pieces onto 2 of the red pieces and that will be the back of your ears

On the other two red pieces sew the white parts on like this and that will be the front of your ears

Then you are going to put right sides together, and sew leaving the bottom of the ears open so you can turn them inside out.

Now there you have 2 fox ears.  Front and back.

Add them to any hat you wish! I folded them on one corner when I sewed them into my hood but that's not necessary.

I'm not going to go into great detail for Julie's costume because you can tell by looking at it how its made. Ofcourse if you have any questions go ahead and email them to me. I bought a grey sweatsuit, unfortunately in North East Ohio its really cold on Halloween so I have to make sure that whatever she wears is warm. I cut out 4 triangles in grey and 2 triangles in white and made them the same as the fox ears. I attached the to the hood on her top. For the white belly I just layed the fabric on top of the hoodie and cut the shape I was wanting. Her tail is a grey rectangle with some white on the end and sewn into a tube and attached it to the bottom of the hoodie.

For the Finn the Human hat my husband wore I got the tutorial here.

Well that wraps up our costumes. Happy Halloween everyone!