Sunday, September 11, 2011

Writing Challenge Day 4. Views on religion

I am an atheist. Many times I have been told by friends that I am a "bad atheist". I disagree. Some people think atheists are full of hate and intolerance but with most thats not the case. I accept all religions and beliefs, I think its awesome that there are so many out there from all different kinds of people. I respect everyones beliefs and to me there is no reason I have to agree with someones religion to be their friend or even wife. ( my husband is catholic and my BFF is also Christian of some sort)  What also sometimes confuses people is that atheists DO have beliefs, they believe non belief.... confusing? yeah but what I mean is that I have strong beliefs that God doesn't exist.

I am not someone who has a bad experience with religion and is rebelling. I have actually had great experiences in church and church related functions. I have found that when you go to church you will find the same people you find in the grocery store. Young people, old people, nice, rude, sweet, negative, frustrating, pleasant, and so on. Not everyone is there for the same purpose, you might be shopping for milk when I am looking for cookies. Same with church, some are there to hear the word of God, be uplifted, some are there for social purposes, gossip, or for appearances.

Why have I been called a "bad atheist"? Because I refer to God a lot, but that doesn't mean I am accepting he is real I usually just use him as an example during conversation.  Ok so thats not enough reason to call me a bad atheist? I go to church. Not every Sunday, but I actually enjoy it. I go for a few reasons, 1. I like to sing and in public so where else is a bad singer to go? 2. I like wearing dresses for a reason 3. The stories in the bible usually teach good lessons and it helps me be a better person. This confuses some people and most people don't know I am a non believer simply because I don't want to break my dear grandmother-in-laws heart if she only knew her precious grandson was married to such a.... you get the point. I don't talk religion with anyone except people I know won't impose their beliefs on me because I do not do that to others.

So those are my terribly lengthy views on religion. I hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday.

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