Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 things about me

Writing challenge #6

1. I got my first sewing machine at age 5
2. My grandma taught me how to crochet several times because I would always forget. I got it now :)
3. I'm so clumsy I hurt myself everyday, either stub my toe or run into a wall etc..
4. My favorite TV shows are Project Runway, Big Brother, and Grey's Anatomy
5. I have 8 1st place trophies from baton. And 2 from a lip syncing contest. well I don't have them still but my mom kept them
6. I dance all the time. My daughter is usually the only one who sees though and she dances along with me
7. Middle School was my least favorite.
8. I sleep eat.
9. I have 2 favorite holidays, Halloween and Easter.
10. I was born with dark red hair
11. I wish I could wear a hoodie every single day
12. I would rather be cold than hot
13. I hate taking showers (yes I do it anyway but I still hate it)
14. I was vegetarian for 4 years but that ended when I was pregnant and had an uncontrollable craving for hot dogs
15. I collected everything turtle when I was growing up. My mom is terrified of turtles
16. I lived on a farm for 13 years but our farm animals were pets
17. I wish I could live off of coffee and cookies
18. I regret every penny spent at The University of Akron
19. My favorite kids book is If you give a mouse a cookie
20. I love to paint anything from a picture to a whole room
21. My favorite color is pink, always has been
22. The only piece of jewelry I wear is my wedding band, occasionally a necklace my husband bought me or another ring
23. I don't like cats, I can tolerate cats that don't come near me and don't jump on counter tops.
24. I don't like wearing socks
25. I'm really uncomfortable if I see someone I know in public
26. Baking and cleaning are stress relievers for me
27. I don't like chips but sometimes eat them anyway
28. I'm a messy crafter, I have paint and glue on almost every flat surface in my house
29. I really like thumb tacks, I wish I had more
30. I have superhuman strength

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