Monday, August 1, 2011

Pie, no.. cobbler? no... well F*** it, its dessert!

  So today I remembered I had the stuff to make a peach pie, but then I couldnt find my pie pan, so my solution was to put it in a pot that is oven safe, doesnt have to be pretty just has to taste good. well I could only find 3 peaches...crap. so I added a bag of frozen blackberries from the freezer. Stirred all the pie goo together put it in there. crap, I put all the crust on the bottom so now I have a naked top of the "pie" so I crushed some nilla wafers and sprinkled on top. *fingers crossed* stuck it in the oven for an hour and I was afraid my husband would wake up before it was finished (I wanted to taste test before telling him of my adventure) Well... its freakin yummy and I ate dessert before dinner :p 


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