Monday, July 18, 2011

Wide Elastic Dress

So me and my friend Meighen had been eyeballing these dresses in stores all summer but theres no way we are paying $30 for a dress that was practically free if we make them. well, as it turns out if you have a larger chest this dress makes them look like mountains, as you can see here on Meighen's blog it wasnt very flattering, lucky for me that meant I got 2 dresses, one i made and one she made :p this happens a lot. So anyway, to make this I just cut fabric double the width of my waist and attached to elastic, then cut off the bottom of a men's tank and attached that. not too hard as long as you can work with that thick elastic. So i made this one:

                                                   and this is the one she made. if you go to her blog you can see what it looked like on her.

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